Over 20 years Experience in Concept Design and Systems Development
Competent in Research and Design of System Structure benefiting in  Increased Revenue.
I strive to hear, visualize, and execute every client's vision.  To ensure top notch delivery, I conduct in-depth research to strategically develop concepts that will result in making the business of every client beautiful. Maintaining my skills in various design applications allows me to work fast and efficiently. By reintroducing the lost art of beautiful simplicity, I maintain business continuity, keeping the single goal in mind of contributing to the growth of each client's business for years to come. 
"The role of the Designer is that of a Good, Thoughtful Host anticipating the needs of his Guests"
- Charles Eames - 
Why a Full Stack Designer ?
A full stack designer (some years ago people called them web designers or sometimes are called product designers, or just designers) is a designer that gets involved in every stage of a product design: research, design, HTML/CSS
It’s a person who can understand a problem, propose a solution and help taking it to reality.
Understand → Design → Make it real.
— But… wait, wait… ¿You are saying that a full stack designer, this mythological creature 🦄, can do everything perfectly?
No! unicorns don’t exist! Executing perfectly every part of the design process is impossible. Even for specialists.
But, on the other hand, being involved in every step of the design process and having the knowledge about the technical implementation is a big gain. 
                                                                 - Damian Horn
The Brand
Logos (we'll discuss these next paragraph) are often intertwined with the term Brand, and although the logo is a part of the brand, the brand is so much more. Branding research begins with 4 simple questions:

1. Who are you?
2. Who is your audience?
3. What problem do you solve?
4. What makes you different? 

With these questions we will establish your identity, establish a familiar presence, facilitate growth, create sustainability in your business and so much more. 
The Logos
Sometimes confused with the brand itself, the logo is artwork used to identify your company. 

It should be strong, but not to complex. Simplicity is key. It is a part of your company's branding that will convey the company's vision. It is the first impression of your company that a consumer will get. 

The goal of your logo will be create brand loyalty and recognition.  It will be imprinted on your products, your business cards, and websites. 
The Websites
We live in a technology driven society.  Therefore, your website is most likely one of the first places the consumer will interact with your business. 

Using the branding research, your website will be built to connect and communicate with customers. Also, if your business sells physical products, this will be a place where your customer can make purchases and get customer support if they have any issues.  
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